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Contributing to the NarusReport takes a fraction of the time it takes to publish through traditional means.



You can anonymise your contribution, allowing you to be firmer, clearer, and more controversial when necessary. 



We distribute the NarusReport directly to international and national media outlets, corporates and institutions, ensuring the highest possible impact of your contribution.


The NarusReport provides a secure platform for renowned legal experts to express their views on today’s most controversial legal issues. 

It has three distinct features:

Flora is a solicitor qualified in England & Wales and Hong Kong. Before founding the NarusReport, Flora was a corporate lawyer at Linklaters LLP.  


Flora is a strong believer that knowledge should be the basis of every decision-making. In today's world, what we perceive as "knowledge" or "fact" is often a complex blend of diverse hypotheses, observations, and opinions. However, sound decision-making requires clarity. Bridging this gap is a monumental task that many institutions and individuals are working on relentlessly. NarusReport is Flora's contribution to this cause.


Flora has two children and enjoys gardening in her free time.

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Kemp House 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, UK